Friday, November 2, 2012

Perspectives - Trick or Treat

Today's Perspectives challenge theme is Trick or Treat.  Since I did a costume post on Tuesday, it seemed a little redundant to do another post of costumes my kids wore.  So, I decided to think outside the traditional box a little and interpret the theme on a bit broader scale.  So, here are my Trick or Treat photos.
 You can't have Trick or Treating without a supply of candy.

This next photo has a bit of a backstory behind it.  Apparently Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the Thor movie, has a reputation as a practical jokester.  He will pull pranks and then shout "Loki'd" when he's caught.  One late night hubby and I decided to go to bed, but The Artist and The Author were still up.  We told them to turn off the lights when they finally decided to call it a night.  I have no idea how long they stayed up, but the next morning we were greeted with "Loki'd" images everywhere - in cupboards, inside drinking glasses, under plates, on the light fixtures, etc. 
I think we may still have one or two that haven't been found. The kids all discovered over the next several days that their log-in icons and computer backgrounds had been changed to Loki images. We also had a variety of Avengers-themed objects in the kitchen: Stove Rogers, Agent Kool-son (Kool-aid packets), Thor-tillas (tortillas), The Incredible Hulk Chocolate (Hershey bars), Nick Fury (Nutella).  All in all, it was a great trick.

My last photo is more along the Treat lines.  This was the sign I put up in our elementary school teacher's lounge this week along with a container full of mini blueberry muffins.  The staff loved it!
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Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

I LOVE that your kid's Loki'd you!! HAHAHA SO great! Thanks for sharing. What a fun family you all are! ♥