Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blog Angels - October

With the conclusion of October, that means the end of another round of Blog Angels.  This session was a little different in that we were secretly following and commenting on our Angel's blog for the first half of the month, then had the reveal and continued helping our Angel for the second half of the month.  This go-round I was assigned to Heather from Keeping Up With the Giffords.
I feel like I've been a bit of a fail to her as her angel since she indicated she most wanted shout-outs.  I don't use social media for my blog, so this wasn't something I could really help with.  However, I did try to read and comment on her blog regularly.  I don't know that it made a difference with the early reveal versus the previous method of doing the reveal post at the end.  My help was really the same both ways.  I've never really gotten feedback from Heather to know if my comments made a difference, so I'll just assume they have and choose to remain oblivious if they haven't.  Regardless, I plan to continue my following and commenting.

This time I think I got orphaned since my blog angel never posted with the reveal link-up.  So, that's a bit disappointing, but I will still be participating in the next round for December.  This time Rosie has a fun twist in store:
"It will be a true test of selflessness in the spirit of enjoying 'The Spirit of Giving' without expecting to receive anything. This December, when you sign up, you will nominate the blog you will help. I will cross check to make sure that no-one helps the same person. The blog you choose won't know that they are the subject of your help and therefore will have a lovely New Year's surprise in your reveal post! You will be taking part expecting to receive no help. This won't be a problem for my regulars who often forget they had a helper along the way too!"

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, follow Rosie's blog and sign up on November 15. 

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