Friday, October 19, 2012

Perspectives - 5 Senses

BREAKING NEWS FLASH  ** This is my 100th post.  What a milestone! I didn't think I'd ever make it this far. **  Now back to your regularly scheduled post . . .
This week's theme for the Perspectives Challenge was the 5 Senses.

My first thought was "easy-peasy".  I figured I could use one of my failed "light" photos of Bugaboo savoring his chocolate doughnut.  That's a "taste" photo if I've ever seen one!

Then I thought of the texture on this brick wall.  Many of the bricks have unique textures, but this one in the middle is the most prominent and interesting.  Something about it just begs to be touched.
I really wanted to capture something to do with smell.  I started thinking about what smells I like and thought of freshly baked goodies.  So, how about a freshly baked chocolate zucchini cake.  It smelled so good that Bugaboo decided he couldn't wait.  Good thing it was cool enough that he didn't get burned.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

yay glad to have you linking up regularly! So fun!

That first picture made me smile so wide! WHAT A CUTIE! Definitely a great photo for taste!

And you are so right, just looking at that second picture I almost have to urge to try to touch it and feel that texture!

Great photos this week!
I have never tried chocolate zucchini bread before, but it looks amazing!


Lena B, Actually {Mom2MemphisAndRuby} said...

Fab photos... I'm hungry now! ;)

Tami @ A Girls Gotta Nest said...

Oh, he is just too adorable and so enjoying his chocolate doughnut too!!