Monday, November 26, 2012

Family photos

We recently had family photos done to update various walls at our house and grandparents' houses.  Our yearly photo shoot is the bane of my existence when it comes to choosing clothes for everyone.  It used to be that I could find similar outfits for the girls and coordinate the rest of us.  Nowadays, I have to run between the Juniors, Girls, Boys, and Toddler sections.  And don't forget a quick trip through mens and womens.  Finding similar color tones between sections is almost impossible.  I browse through several stores, then finally decide on what I want, only to find out that the colors won't coordinate after all.  So I start over and find a couple ideas, then go to another section and change my mind, going back to previous sections.  Repeat several times until finally giving up and/or finding a workable combination.  This year I decided on navy blue and gray for our overall palette.  Thankfully it worked.
 As I was looking through everyone's photos, I laughed at the many facial expressions from Princess.  She's very animated in her face, so many of these are ones we see on a regular basis.
Choosing a favorite from our family photos was tricky.  Bugaboo didn't want to hold still for too many, and just trying to get 8 people all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time is a feat in and of itself.  Here's some of my favorites:

 Bugaboo decided he was done sitting at this point.  At least he was looking at the camera.
 Most of our photos looked like this:
A last few attempts at getting everyone all together.
We finished with everyone walking down the hill. This might be my absolute favorite shot.
I'm thinking about enlarging this one to go on our wall.  I don't think grandparents would appreciate it like I do, so they'll probably get one of the other family shots where you can see all our faces.  Which one is your favorite?


Becky said...

I like the walking shot on your facebook better than this one, but I think it would be a great photo to blow up

Megan said...

I love the walking away one, Amy...but they're all fabulous...what a lovely family you have!