Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christ-Centered Christmas - Joseph

I've fallen off-track with my posts about the different sections in A Christ-Centered Christmas.  The next section is about Joseph.  To me, Joseph is an example of service.  He didn't have a lot of money and means to provide for his wife.  Their journey to Bethlehem probably wasn't easily affordable.  He couldn't afford to rent affordable accommodations for Mary.

There's another book I like that goes along with Joseph and remembering that allowing others to serve you is just as important as the need to serve others. 

This story is a fictional account of Hannah, the innkeeper's wife that acted as midwife to help Mary during her delivery.  I think it's a very touching story of service.

I contemplated service on Saturday as Mr. Adventure and I volunteered for a shift as bell ringers for the Salvation Army.  I've tried to earnestly look for opportunities to serve over the past year or so.  Plus, I've tried to include my children in my desires to give to others to help instill that spirit of service in them.

Have you done anything service-oriented this holiday season?  What's the best service you've given or received recently?

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I, with our 5 year old daughter helping, are room managers at church, every 2nd to 3rd Sunday.