Monday, September 10, 2012

Tuesday 10 - Goals

When I saw that this week's Tuesday 10 theme was goals to accomplish by 2013, I knew I had to participate since I already had most of the work done with my Bucket List post.  At least I started out thinking that way.  In actuality, most of my goals are longer-reaching than 3.5 months, but here's my best shot:
Could this be the last box of diapers I ever buy?
1 - This one is a total surprise and not one I would have even thought of a couple weeks ago:  Buy my last package of diapers.  Who knows, I may have already done this.  I don't even attempt potty-training until my kids are 3.  Who would have thought that Bugaboo would want to start on his own at 2 1/2?  I suppose I should add little boy underwear to my next shopping list.

2 & 3 - I'm combining these two goals since they kind of go hand-in-hand.   Declutter my house (at least the main living areas) and host a Christmas Carol Sing-along party.
4 - Learn to knit.  I have a specific project in mind, but since my older girls read my blog, I won't give away the surprise.

5 - Finally read the Old Testament (I've hit the dreaded Psalms roadblock.  You'd think after I've waded through all the tediousness of Numbers and so on that Psalms would be easy -- they're short and poetical.)

6 - Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.  I do pretty good with getting 4 or 5, but more than that is extremely difficult.  I think I've found a solution that should work involving hair ties worn as bracelets.  We'll see.

7 - Finish personalized Christmas stockings.  Last year I posted this photo as a sneak peek to the stockings for Little Miss Sunshine and Princess:

That's still what their stockings look like.  Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around this year they'll resemble something more like this:

8 - See if I can master the art of homemade wheat bread.  I think I've finally found a great recipe, it just ends up a little softer than I'd like.

9 - Visit a corn maze, either on a date with my hubby or with the family

10 - Add shelving to our laundry room.

What goals are you hoping to accomplish by the end of the year?  Come share them at Mom2MemphisAndRuby's Tuesday 10 link party.



Veronica and Daniel said...

What a great list! So many of these would be on my list - learning to knit, homemade bread, CORN MAZE! We have a HUGE one not to far from us that we went to last year and it was so fun! We are finishing our basement and I have planned to put shelves up in my new laundry room... hopefully before 2013 :) Good luck with your list!

Lena B @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Great list! I have a hard time with 8 glasses a day too... Seems like I'd be living in the bathroom... ;)
Thanks for linking up!

becky said...

Hi Amy. I'm with you on the water. Drink way to much Diet coke...One of these days. I should have added that I want to learn how to crochet. I love the things I see on Etsy and Pinterest that are crocheted. But....with my Etsy shop and all...we'll see. I'm now following you on blog Lovin. Thanks for linking up. This was my first co-host. Hope you can come by and visit me.