Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bucket list


I've seen a lot of 30 by 30 posts floating around blog-land.  Honestly, these make me feel old.  I've decided that I must be an old blogger since my 30th birthday is long behind me.  I recently saw a 35 by 35 post.  Yep, past that one, too.  Still, the concept is a great idea to get those goals written down and make them concrete. (I remember reading one time that a goal left unwritten is just a wish.)  So, I'm making 40 goals to complete by the time I'm 40 bucket list goals since I'm realizing that not all of these can be accomplished in the next 2 1/2 years.

Travel goals
* Get a passport
* Visit Hawaii
* Travel outside the U.S.  (needing the passport)
* Take my family to Yellowstone National Park
* Mine diamonds (in Arkansas) with my hubby
* Take my family to Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah
* Visit Washington D.C.
* Visit Laura Ingalls Wilder sites
* Visit Philmont Scout Ranch with my family
* Visit Alaska
* Visit Mt. Rushmore
* See the Statue of Liberty
* Ride on a train
* Take a cruise
* Ride a subway
* Take my family to Disneyland or Disneyworld
* Visit a tropical island

Health & Fitness goals
* Achieve my goal weight (lose 10-15 pounds)
* Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
* Improve my fruit and vegetable consumption
* Experiment with adding seeds and proteins to recipes
* Make more whole grain foods

Personal goals

* Learn to knit
* Finally read all of the Old Testament (I get as far as Psalms and give up)
* Learn to swim
* Go "Over the Edge" (local scouting fundraiser/rappelling experience)
* Perform "The Spirit of God" piano duet with my daughter
* Apply for grad school
* Earn a Master's degree
* Surpass 100 followers on my blog
* Finish personalized Christmas stockings for all the kids
* Crochet afghans for Princess and Bugaboo

Household goals
* Declutter my house
* Host a Christmas sing-along party
* Landscape back yard to incorporate a garden space
* Make a farmhouse table
* Remodel entry with a nook instead of the closet
* Finish the basement
* Add shelving to laundry room
* Add shelving to garage

Do you have a bucket list?  Share it with these wonderful ladies, or just look for ideas:


Reighlyn said...

I like that alot of your travel goals could be met by coming to visit us! I.E.: visiting Washington DC, riding on a subway, riding on a train, seeing the statue of liberty, etc. So, I guess we'll just have to wait here until you all can come and visit. :o) I wish we could all get together soon. Stupid traveling costs! Anyways, excellent lists. Love you all tons!

Abby Purcell said...

You've got some great goals. Love your travel ones - a passport would would be great (especially if it magically came with free tickets anywhere you wanted- we can dream)