Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stuck in a rut

Every day when I check my emails and check on my blog, I think that I really need to put up another post.  Then I tell myself I'll do it as soon as I come up with a good idea.  It's in the back of my mind until I wake up the next morning and repeat . . .
I've seen a lot of ideas floating around blogland lately about being a "real" blogger.  I knew when I started this venture that I probably wouldn't become one of the huge bloggers that everyone has heard of.  I knew I probably wouldn't post every day.  Some weeks I'm lucky to get a single post in.  I did (and still do) have visions of being successful, although the elusive definition of success isn't very clear to me.  I could define it by the numbers: followers, page views, comments, sponsors, etc.  In that case, I'm no where near "successful."  If I look at it as being happy with what I post to the world, I'm pretty well on-track.
I'm creeping up on my 1-year blogiversary at the end of this week.  With my tiny little following, I'm not in a position to throw a huge party with lots of sponsored giveaways.  I probably won't even recognize it as a special day. I still consider myself a newbie blogger trying to get my feet wet.  I have to remind myself that I started blogging for myself to have a creative outlet, not to become famous.  I've made some great bloggy friends along the way and found some great inspirations in many of my favorite blogs.
However, since the "blogging ideas" section of my brain is still empty, I'm throwing myself out to the world.  Do you have any questions you'd like to have me answer?  Anything you'd like to know about me?  Any post suggestions?  Leave me a comment and maybe I can come up with a post for next week. :)

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Abby Purcell said...

Congrats on a whole year of blogging! I really like your family fitness challenge posts. Great way to stay motivated and have quality time together. Also love the headband you sent your partner for Christmas in July. Have you shared a DIY for this?
I've just been looking back at some of your old posts ( I just found you lately) and I see you have done recipe posts before. Those fruit tarts look so yum (and easy too). I love seeing other peoples recipes because I usually stick to the same old thing.

Hope this helps.