Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adventures with Bugaboo

As grandparents were visiting this past weekend, one grandma observed that Bugaboo is always going at 90 miles an hour.  It's true, he is a busy little boy.  He's adept at throwing temper tantrums, complete with flinging objects and banging his head on the floor.  He also gives the sweetest hugs and loves waving good-bye and blowing kisses.  He can make a mess in 2 seconds flat, but will gladly help to clean up the mess with a smile on his face.

I recently took him shopping to get new shoes.  I spotted a pair that I thought would work and pulled them off the shelf to try them on.  However, he had a different idea and latched on to a pair of Spiderman shoes.  We put them on, checked the fit, then set him on the floor and told him to walk down the aisle so I could see how they fit.  He must have thought he was free as he took off running.  About three steps later he stopped, looked down in confused frustration at the elastic cord preventing his perceived freedom and promptly ripped the price tag off in his attempt to get his shoes unrestricted.  It's a good thing we bought that pair of shoes.  (On a bit of a side note, do you know how long a two-year-old can stay enthralled with banging his shoes together to watch them light up?  The inventor of light-up shoes deserves a bonus in my book.)
Another lesson learned on this shopping trip:  try the dress shoes on BEFORE the fun character sneakers.  Plain black shoes are much more difficult to try on wiggly feet of toddler screaming, "No, Mom!" as he points to his much cooler Spiderman shoes in the cart.  It's also best to store the Spiderman shoes out of sight and/or reach on the closet shelf for Sunday morning if you don't want a repeat of the in-store tantrum.  Now you know, if you ever have to deal with an opinionated two-year-old.

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