Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm a little late jumping on the New Year's Resolution bandwagon.  Over the years I've gone back and forth with setting resolutions.  I've tried setting lofty goals that I have little chance of reaching (I'm going to be wonder woman and do everything perfectly) and I've set ridiculous ones (I'm not going to exercise and get into shape because every time I do I get pregnant!).  I've done the proverbial diet and exercise goals, the being more patient with my kids goals, and the decluttering my house goals.  Somehow they never seem to stick.
I've tried just mentally setting goals and not writing them down.  Usually these goals get forgotten pretty quickly.  I've tried not setting goals at all, but that never really works because I know there are things I'm always trying to work on.

This year I decided to approach goals a little bit differently.  I read a blog post about setting goals in reverse and taking the time to look at what you did accomplish instead of beating yourself up over what you didn't do.  What an awesome idea!  I sat down and started compiling a list of some of the accomplishments I had through 2011.  My list included things like supporting my husband and children in their activities, striving to be less critical and harsh on myself, volunteering with the PTA at our elementary school and through Cub Scouts.  None of these things were really goals that I set out to do, but they were positive accomplishments.

I've also been intrigued with the one word theme for the new year.  As I contemplated my achievements over the past year and thought about goals for the new year, I realized that I already had a theme:
So, my resolutions for this year all revolve around positive changes I want to make whether it relates to my body, my attitude, my family, my home or my blog. I'm still in the process of hammering out specific goals, but I have some general ideas and with my focus on being positive, I just might find that 2012 is my break-through year when I make positive lifestyle changes.  :)

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Nicole said...

Positive is better. I love being positive. Keep it up.