Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This post has been written for over a month.  I've revisited and revised it several times.  I've debated whether I should publish it or just delete it.  With the new year, I'm feeling a little braver than usual, so I'm sharing a little bit of myself with you.

I have a lot of time to listen to music and think while I'm walking laps in the gym during my oldest daughter's early-morning religion classes.
I was listening to "Look Away" by Chicago and had one of those moments where I was hit with a vivid memory.
If my life is ever made into a movie series, this album (Chicago - Greatest Hits) would be part of the soundtrack for my first two college years.  This song, in particular, perfectly fits a time when I was pining away over a broken engagement and completely frustrated as my former fiance was going out of his way to avoid me.  Really, he would turn around and run the other way if he saw me on campus.  His avoidance strategy made for some comical moments, like the time we almost literally ran into each other as he turned the corner in a hallway (I still have yet to figure out what he was doing in the Education Department.), or the time my roommate and I went to his apartment with his roommate only to find everything unlocked, lights on, music playing and homework scattered around as evidence that he had made a mad dash to be no where in the vicinity once he heard I was coming.  These bits of humor kept me from becoming utterly depressed.  That and this soundtrack and a fabulous roommate who could find ways to cheer me up.
This song always takes me back to those heart-broken months.  I eventually got over him and moved on, but when I start to reminisce, I always wonder where he is and what he's accomplished in the last 17 years.  How many of the dreams and hopes that we talked about has he achieved?

Song's over, now it's on to the next memory. :)


Jamie said...

I love the way songs can take us back - even to the bad times. They can help us be grateful for what we have now. <3

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For Love of Cupcakes

Camille Griffiths said...

Aw, I love that song. But I know what you mean. No matter how much time passes, we sometimes get nostalgic about that heartbreak from the past... And it seems like certain songs are tied to certain feelings! Listening to some songs brings back memories so strong, I even smell scents that aren't there lol. Anyway, happy new year! And if you're looking for more blog hops to get more readers, I have a list of them at the bottom of my blog. =)