Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafting lesson: CD Suncatchers

This isn't an original idea.  In fact, I got the idea from my Cub Scout resources.  But, they are fun and easy to make, so I thought I would do a tutorial.  I think we've found this year's Valentines. :)

CD Suncatchers
You will need:
2 CDs per suncatcher
Something for a hanger (yarn, string, rope, ribbon, ric rac, etc.)
hot glue
decorations (foam shapes, stickers, etc.)

Find a stack of CDs.  We had a bunch of old ones, but you could use new ones as well.  Cut your hanger to desired length (4-5").  I just eyeballed and cut a pile.
On the label side of one CD, put a glob of hot glue.  Place both ends of hanger in glue, forming a loop.
Add a strip of glue around the CD.  You don't want this too close to the middle or the edge.
Place the second CD on top of the first and press together to adhere.
We used foam stickers to decorate.  
Add a few stickers and voila, you have a suncatcher!  You could decorate both sides if you plan to hang where it will be free-hanging.  Just one side works if it will be against a window or wall.

We plan to use these for Valentines.  Add a little tag with something along the lines of "You're a star!" or use heart stickers and a traditional Valentine greeting.  The possibilities are endless.

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Natalie Dixon said...

So much fun! My daughter would love this project! Thanks for linking up to my party!

Kadie said...

What a fun idea! We have some old scratched CD's that would be perfect for this. I didn't know you were an Idaho transplant Amy I am too!:) Thanks so much for Linking up with us this week.

Soleil said...

What a great project, Amy! I'm thinking to do the same using a big stash of old CDs.
Have a nice day!
Olga ☼

Alisha said...

Ooh how fun! Love those glitter stars!! :) Great project.

ToSewWith Love said...

these turned out pretty! thanks for sharing!