Thursday, December 29, 2011

The last of our 2011 elf adventures

A quick post to share the last of our elf adventures this year:
The elves pulled out all the Beyblades and had fun one night.
One morning we found them in the sink taking a cotton ball bubble bath.
They opened up the gingerbread house kit:
Then decorated it.  Oops, those are my "elves" in action.
This year they festified (is that a word?) our kitchen more than normal by hanging candy canes on all the cabinet handles and "gift-wrapping" the cupboards.
They stayed up all night baking cookies and then sampled them, with milk, of course.
We left bits of brownies out for them one night.  That was a mistake!  We woke up the next morning to find they had created a zipline in the kitchen!
 The kids were a little slow writing letters to Santa, so the elves wrote some pretty silly ones for them.
Christmas morning we found their idea to prevent anyone wandering down the stairs before everyone else was up.  I had the honor of busting through the paper to lead everyone downstairs.

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