Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Christmastime

December is finally here.  Now I can jump completely into Christmas festivities without feeling the slightest bit guilty about overshadowing other holidays.  I will admit that our tree has been up since before Thanksgiving.  I always thought I was the one to get excited about Christmas.  I lost the battle of when to put the tree up.  Apparently a week BEFORE Thanksgiving is now the proper time.  Oh well.  With the tree up, I was able to put some new goodies on it.
Aren't these Wonder Forest ornaments adorable? These showed up in my mail a few weeks ago after I won a giveaway.  Dana's work is exquisite.  I am thrilled to add these little beauties to my ornament collection.
Unfortunately, this year most of my ornaments remain stuck in their storage bins because our tree looks like this:
Pathetic, isn't it?  This is our sure sign that there is a 2-year-old in residence.  Even with the lower half of the tree bare, he still figures out how to cause havoc.  Did you know that even soft ornaments heaved into the upper branches will dislodge other ornaments?  Now I do.  All movable objects that could boost said 2-year-old more than an inch off the ground will now need to be bolted to the floor.

Now, here's a few sneak peeks of some projects I'll be sharing in the coming days:

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