Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair accessories

I have recently decided to make more of an effort to wear something in my hair.  I've decided headbands (but not the traditional plastic ones that give me a headache) are a great way to do this, so I've been doing some experimentation.  
First, these adorable monkey and banana ribbon sculptures were purchased from Agape Love Boutique:
I have fallen in love with Maria's shop and blog and couldn't resist getting a headband for myself.  I decided on her Date Night headband (although I wore it to visit our pre-K classroom instead of on a date).  I love the rhinestone elastic.

I decided it would be fun to make some headbands, so I got online and did some research.  I liked the patterns Cami at You Seriously Made That!? had posted.
This is her Sweet Little Headband design made with Red Heart acrylic yarn in White:
I modified the design slightly since I didn't have ribbon to use for the ties.  Instead, I made crochet ties by leaving a long tail at the before my slip knot, then making a slip stitch through the ends of all three strands of the headband.  Then I chained about 50 or so to make a 15-inch strand.  Finish off.  I wound the tails around the triple strands to secure the excess, knotted both tail ends together in a square knot and trimmed the ends close to the knot.  Usually this is all underneath the hair, but in the photo above I had my hair pulled into a ponytail, so the ends are slightly visible.

This design is the Double Flower Headband from Cami's site.
This one I made with Red Heart acrylic yarn in Aran and finished it with ribbon, but I don't recommend using sheer stuff -- the hot glue seeps through and you end up with burns!

What's your favorite hair accessory?


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

First, off thank you SO much for your sweet compliments and this post! You are awesome! :) I am SO glad you love your hair accessories from me, thank you for the shout out! I am beyond flattered. :)

Second.. wow you are talented girl! Those two that you made yourself are gorgeous! You did so good!


Heath and Jessica said...

Awesome headbands! You should also try out, they have some fun tutorials, and also feature other how-to blogs that are tons of fun!