Monday, August 29, 2011

Crochet projects

I finished this project this weekend while hubby was gone to Woodbadge training.  It was a free pattern I picked up in Hobby Lobby one day called Snowflakes Throw.  It's made with Red Heart acrylic yarn in Shaded Dusk and White.
Here's a closer view:
I'm not sure about the edging, I think mine ended up too tight.  I might redo that.  I added another layer to the edging since I thought it needed a bit more, by doing single crochets in the sc from the first edging round. Now I can't wait for winter weather to snuggle in this throw.

A while back I found a pattern for a reusable market bag that I thought I'd try.  It's fairly easy to do, just a little tedious as your rounds get bigger and bigger.  My first attempts were just using up some of my leftover yarn, so I ended up with a two-tone look, but I like it. 
While I was working on this one, my 4-year-old daughter came and asked what I was making.  I showed it to her and she said it was a rug.  I laughed, but then realized that when you only see the bottom in progress, it does look like a rug!  Now if I ever get the urge to crochet a circle rug, I know how to do it.

My second bag started with some leftover green yarn and then I bought Red Heart Aran to go with it.  I tried a few rounds in stripes to see how they would look.  I added a few extra rows in the handle so it can more easily fit over the shoulder.  This one is my favorite. :)
I'm thinking my next project will be an amigurumi fox since hubby's Woodbadge critter is a fox.  I have a week and a half before he goes back for part 2 of his training.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

You are so good! These look great! :) Its this considered knitting or crocheting? I was never sure what the difference was! LOL All I know is you use yarn for both. :)

Ive tried to crochet before.. it is SO hard. I think that is one of the only crafty things I have tried before and never got the hang of! :( lol
But you do an amazing job! How cute of your daughter to point out that it looks like a rug. :) Isnt it so funny how helpful they can be just by pointing out little things like that, that we never would have noticed before? :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh, that snowflake throw is AMAZING!!! Truly beautiful! I need to learn how to crotchet, so I can make it! (overly confident, much?) :) - Jocelyn