Monday, February 18, 2013

February blog angel - Halfway there

Once again this month I have been engaged in the blog angel project that is the brain child of Rosie from Craftbotic.  I have to be honest, this round has been a little more difficult for me, just because life seems to get in the way.  Apologies up front to my blogger (to be revealed at the end of the month) for being a not-so-great angel.  My support so far has been a few comments and a few pins. 

One of the struggles I often feel with being a blog angel is feeling like I'm not doing enough.  I haven't jumped on the social media train for my blog, so my only source of help is comments and pinning.  However, I think any little act of kindness makes a difference, so hopefully my angel feels the love from my meager efforts.


Rosie said...

Comments and pinning would make my day, everyday. The big gesture, while lovely, doesn't beat someone engaging in your blog. Well done you and hopefully life will chill out a bit for your soon.xx

Ang said...

I love when anyone pins something of mine or leaves a comment - it really makes my day, so I say thank you from the bottom of my heart :)