Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adventures with a 3-year-old and the toilet

I've kind of inadvertently taken a bit of a blogging break for the past couple of weeks.  I swear it was only a few days and now we're almost halfway through February!  Around here, we're trying to potty train Bugaboo.  We've been kind of half-way doing it for months, until I realized that we'd managed to replace these:
with these:

Same purpose, but with the advantage of going up and down easily and the disadvantage of costing more.  So, we've (read: ME!) been more diligent with cloth underwear and use the "sleeping underwear" for naps and long errands.  Still probably not the best idea, but it works better.

So, the other night I told Bugaboo that it was time to go potty before he went to bed.  He raced upstairs to the bathroom and threw the lid of the toilet up.  Then he looked inside at the freshly cleaned bowl and reached his hand in.  I told him that was gross and grabbed a towel to dry his hand.  As I turned to set the towel on the counter, in went the other hand!  I grabbed the towel again, and dried hand 2, just in time for hand 1 to plunge back into the water.  We did the drying routine again.  This time I just dropped the towel and pulled his underwear down.  He quickly stepped out and plunged both hands in the bowl!  He had that little mischievous glint in his eye and started giggling. 

Another round of towel drying and dropping, then as I reach to sit him on the toilet, he giggles, turns and starts splashing again.  This time I keep hold of his wrists as I dry his hands and get ready to set him on the toilet.  That is, until I feel an unusual warm spot on my leg.  I glance down to see a growing puddle and a wet spot on my jeans.  At least he had fun.  Maybe sticking with diapers isn't such a bad idea, after all.

What's your best potty training moment?

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