Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My first WIW post

This post is a milestone of sorts, my first ever WIW post.  It is also a huge step out of my comfort zone.  Not to mention a many faceted learning experience.  
I decided to be brave and take some photos with the amazing jewelry I won a few weeks back from Terry at These Peas Taste Funny. Unfortunately, I don't have any great, cute clothes to show them off with.  I'll be honest, most of my closet has been with me for years.  Many of the newer items have either been worn to death or quit fitting right.
I know this is a lousy photo with my neighbor's house in the background, my eyes closed (not to mention my glasses that are completely the wrong size/shape for my face), general lousy posing that adds even more weight to the proverbial "the camera adds 10 pounds" concept.  Now I know better.
This is NOT the person I see in the mirror.  If these hadn't been the same clothes I was wearing, I would have sworn it was a look-a-like and not me.  Now I wonder, is this REALLY what I look like to others when I wear sweaters?  I love my sweaters for fall and winter.  I don't think I could give them up, but how do you fix the shapelessness?  At least I don't look quite so overweight here. ( I really should have a word with my photographer about these unflattering shots.) 
Ah ha!  How about if I take my glasses off.  That's a bit better and less blobby.  Lighting isn't so good, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad, right?
Sweater: ???
Layering tee: Motherwear
Skirt: JCPenney
Necklace, bracelet, earrings: These Peas Taste Funny
Flower clip: handmade by one of my girls with help from my SIL

Photos by The Artist :)

Now, see why my wardrobe is not very conducive to WIW posts?  How am I supposed to remember where I bought that sweater many, many years ago?  I read somewhere that "vintage" items must be at least 20 years old.  Sadly, that makes my sweater just a few years shy of vintage status!  I don't think the tee is even produced any more.  But, I love it for layering since it is really only half the length of a regular tee and doesn't add bulk.  Is there an Extreme Makeover: Wardrobe Edition out there?  I need it!

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Terry said...

Oh you are hilarious. Nobody likes the way they look in photos, but you look great. I especially like the no glasses photo, not because you aren't wearing glasses, but I think because you're smiling. :)