Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. Adventure

Meet our third child, Mr. Adventure.
Admittedly, when you grow up with four sisters, life is always an adventure.  But Mr. Adventure sometimes takes bravery to the extreme.  Ride a giraffe?  No problem.
(Particularly the brass statue variety at the zoo.)

Brave Mom & Dad's wrath by sitting atop the car (what they don't know . . . )?
He just has to watch out for those sisters and The Artist's camera skills.

Allow his younger sister to hit him over the head with a bamboo stick?
Yep, he does that on a regular basis.  (The kids and Dad practice kendo, Japanese swordsmanship.)

Dress up for crazy day with barrettes and other hair clips?
For Mr. Adventure, it's just another day, another chance to try something new.


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