Friday, October 5, 2012

Perspectives - Light

Today's theme for the Perspectives challenge is Light.  I forgot about taking photos until yesterday, so I tried being creative with the light in Bugaboo's eyes as he savored a rare treat of a doughnut for breakfast.  Unfortunately, what I ended up with was several photos of him and his chocolate face with very red eyes.  Not the "light" I was going for.

So, here's what I captured outside this morning:
My poor trees are losing all their leaves and getting much "lighter" on top.

I turned around from taking the tree photo and found this cool light patch from the rising sun on the house.

Sunrise over the treetops from our back deck.

Come check out the other interpretations of Light this week.

1 comment:

Julie Rogers said...

Just found you recently---I can't believe fall has arrived and leaves are falling! Great pictures;)