Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crafting lesson: Countdown to School

I can't believe that we have less than a month before school starts up again. Princess is super-excited to be going to kindergarten and asks on a regular basis if she gets to go to school today.  I decided to do a little project to help her see how many days until she becomes a mighty kindergartener.  We made a paper countdown chain.
Yes, we're crafting in our jammies.  It's summer-time. :)
 Basically, I had Princess and Little Miss Sunshine choose different colors of construction paper.  Then they decorated one sheet to be a header.  I cut strips from the remaining papers (about 1 inch wide).  The strips were then stapled individually to form a chain.
We finished by stapling the chain to the bottom of the paper.  Now they can pull one link off before going to bed and watch as the remaining 3 1/2 weeks of summer fly by.  Princess will be starting kindergarten before I can blink. :)

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