Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now on Bloglovin

So, if you notice the "Join the Classroom" box over there  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
you might notice that there's nothing but an empty space (or is it just showing up that way for me?). 
It seems that even though I have a .blogspot address, I was a victim of the "no more GFC for non-blogger blogs" fiasco.  I realize that I don't have many followers, so I can only build up.  But, if by some miracle you are seeing this on your blogroll or just happened across my little home on the web, I would love for you to follow me.  I'm also trying to get Linky Followers up, but it doesn't want to let me verify my account.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I had the same problem with linky followers, I still can't make it work! But I can follow with GFC:) I am your new follower, I hope you can follow me back:)