Friday, May 25, 2012

A bit of my creativity

I don't consider myself much of an artist.  I dreaded the art education class I took in college.  We had to have a line drawing based on an assigned topic each week.  I managed, but I was definitely not going to win any contests with my representations.  I can create sketches that are useful for playing Pictionary, but my drawing skills aren't anything I brag about.

I recently completed a 6-day Woodbadge leadership training course for Boy Scouts of America.  I was assigned to the Beaver patrol and as we were discussing ideas for our patrol name, I did a quick sketch of  the following idea:
We all liked our little jack-hammering construction beaver.  There was some disagreement as to whether he is using a jack hammer or his tail, but I figure that determination can be left up to the individual.  I figure this isn't bad for someone without drawing talent.  Sometimes my creativity surprises me!

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