Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Elf Adventures

Do you have a Christmas Elf that visits your family?  Want to know more about the Christmas Elf tradition?  Go here to see a previous post I wrote about our elves.
I wanted to share some of our elf adventures from the past couple of years.

One morning we found Ashley, Kyle and Kayla hanging out in the freezer.  It looks like their midnight snack was ice cream.
 Kyle and Ashley showed up in the kids' desks at school.
 Kayla tried to hitch a ride to school.
 The elves tried their hand at crocheting, and ended up with a big yarn mess instead.
 Hanging out with Cowie and Reindeer on the tree
 A marshmallow snowball fight
 Game night with game-themed candy
 Decorate the kitchen with candy canes on all the cupboard handles
 Read the Christmas books
 Raid the pantry and spell out Ho Ho Ho
 Movie night complete with popcorn and goodie plates
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JenniferAStreet said...

How fun!!

I'm Jen visiting from Miss Mommy's Tuesday Ten.

How much fun are you elves having :) We have the same elves from Hobby Lobby. Check em out: http://www.lifeaccordingtothestreets.com/search/label/Elf%20Watch

Also, I'm a new follower!

Jen @LifeAccordingtotheStreets.com