Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Meet our fifth child, Princess.
She absolutely loves being in front of a camera and posing.  Sometimes this creates very comical photos, but most of the time she keeps us all laughing with her antics.  (I bet you've never thought to try laying on a shelf in the linen closet, have you?)

Like her older sister, Little Miss Sunshine, she knows what she wants and persists until she gets it.  After The Artist and The Author spent a week at camp, Princess decided she needed to have 4-year-old camp.  She persisted with this idea for several weeks, so we finally sat down and asked what she would do at camp.  Together we came up with some ideas:  do a craft, read some stories, have a treat.  Short and easy, but since 4-year-old camp only lasts for eight minutes, it worked!  She was super proud of Starry, the bear that we stuffed and dressed.
She still has a curiosity streak that can get her into trouble.  One day this summer I looked outside to see this sight:
She told me that she was trying to find the seeds. (I think we may have a little scientist on our hands.)
It's looking back at moments like this that I love being a mom.  They are frustrating at the time, but the memories I cherish afterward.

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